WIAW, Super Busy Edition

March 11, 2015

Lately my life has been focused on two things. Getting into half marathon shape for the Pittsburgh Half, and work. My days go like: wake up, get ready, walk to work, work, run, walk home from work, prepare snack, sleep. So, while it’s kept me busy, it’s also been a hard thing to blog, or read blogs, or keep up with the Bachelor, or really anything that’s not walking/running, sleeping, eating, or working.

But I have serious love for WIAW (and our sexy new WIAW host). And I can’t imagine missing it even if I’ve been a slacker.

Breakfast: Two vegan pancakes, a scramble, and bacon. I’m not sold on this breakfast yet, but I’ve been eating it for the past few days. I love eating it, but I’m not sure it’s keeping me as satiated as it should be.

Lunch: I’m sharing two lunches, one I ate Monday to brag, and Tuesday’s for honesty. Monday, I went to our new salad bar, where they’ll mix you a custom salad, yum.

And Tuesday I had salad and flatbread. :)

A coworker and I stopped at the juice bar for a snack. Delish.

And then I had an unpictured Quest bar and an apple pear. Yum.

I didn’t run yesterday since I usually run Mon, Weds, Fri, and Sat. But I’ve been really hardcore about clocking in steps on my Fitbit. I’m at a little more than 120,000 for the week, or close to 9 miles a day. So I walked to Trader Joes a few miles away, and walked home.

I picked up some truffle cheese, and fig and olive crisps. And ate those right before bed.

To be perfectly honest, I’m hoping in the near future to lose a little weight (and it’s been working). So this is kind of the start of what I’m eating. I’m trying to incorporate more and more vegetables, and less other things. But it’s a process.

How are you eating? What are your usual go tos? What do you do when you life is super busy?

Weekend Recap

March 9, 2015

Such a busy weekend! I have so much to catch up on in the blog world like a tag from Tricia, like 8 posts from Stephanie, aka ganeeban :) and recipes from all over. But! J returned home this weekend, and work has been absolutely swamped, so I’m slowly shoveling my way out.

This weekend, I started in Palo Alto for some retail therapy, and some acai. (It’s not a weekend anymore if I don’t at least try to consume acai.) I hit up Bare Bowls and ate this delicious pitaya blend.

Bare’s portion sizes are way more reasonable, albeit still expensive. But I didn’t feel like I was consuming acai the size of my head. (But I have, and I will) The only sad thing, is I felt really old at Bare because it was all adorable Stanford students out studying or coming in from their morning run.

I stopped at Anthropologie (to admire all the spring dresses) but also to pick up some bowls that were more portion friendly. I’ve been trying to snack lighter lately, but putting a serving of nuts in a soup bowl just makes me feel like I’m not eating anything. These guys are way better (and cuter).

I demoed them with a serving of pretzels. Perfect!

I bought a few more things from Lululemon and Athleta, but I’ll spare you the awkward dressing room selfies. I’m a lazy treadmill runner, and I hope that by buying outdoor running clothes, I commit to occasionally running outdoors. Ha.

The outdoors isn't so bad.

I picked J up that afternoon and basically smothered him with love and questions, but mostly questions. He had a blast, skied the alps, ate his weight in jamon iberico, and partied more days in two weeks than we normally do in a year.

The next morning I was off to Alcatraz with friends. It’s one of the cooler tourist spots in SF, and we wanted to check out Ai Weiwei’s exhibit there.

Creepy cool prison staircases.

Ai Weiwei is an activist from China who was detained by the country for 82 days for his belief. While he’s not currently in prison, he can’t leave China, so these exhibits are made in his studio and then shipped and set up in locations he’ll never see nor visit by other artists.

The Alcatraz exhibit places carefree, child-like items like kites and legos, in a normally dark, gloomy place like prison in order to contrast the pieces with their overall location. Multiple artworks feature other prisoners and dissidents prominently.

The eyes of this kite are the twitter symbol.

It was a beautiful and haunting exhibit, and it allowed us to check out parts of the prison I hadn’t seen before.

After ferrying back to SF, I walked to Cassie’s place to chat and drink a smoothie. It was a nice way to catch up, since I won’t see her this next weekend while I’m in Portland.

How was your weekend? Do you shop often? Any one else go from treadmill running to outdoor running?

WIAW: Post Cleanse

March 4, 2015

Yay! WIAW is back!

I’m going to write today like it was the most delicious day ever, but that’s likely because it was the first day I ate after three days of juicing. Don’t get me wrong, the juice was great (and hey, I’m down 4 pounds [of mostly water weight]), but it’s nice to eat real food.

According to most cleanses, I did a terrible job eating after. I had a less than mediocre amount of vegetables, fruit, and light broths. But to me, today was great. I wasn’t craving things all day, and with my serious lack of cravings, I’ve been working on transitioning off diet soda. I felt wonderful, even if this isn’t what you should typically eat post cleanse.

The most unappetizing picture, but the most delicious breakfast. This was a sriracha, bacon, egg and cheese (on dutch crunch) sandwich with melon and apple.


Lunch there was a BBQ pop-up. I grabbed flank steak, roasted broccoli and whatever the salad was.


I work at a magical place, where for no reason, someone will bring a skewer with tortellini, tomatoes, and cheese to your desk. It’s hard to say no to that.

Back to regularly scheduled snacks. I had a handful of pistachios. The best.

snack 1 pistachios

And then later on some beef jerky. I love Fieldtrip a lot. I used to eat a lot of Krave Jerky, until my boyfriend pointed out it had more sugar than protein. Woops. Now I grab this guy.

snack two beef jerky

I went on a run in the evening, so I wasn’t very hungry at dinner. I went home and watched the Bachelor Girls Tell All episode. (Guys, I’m so team Whitney. Sorry, not sorry.)

Literally 10 minutes before bed my stomach rumbled. So I grabbed a handful of “Pressels” a baked pretzel chip thingy I bought at whole foods on a whim. They’re a great snack that doesn’t make me want to immediately eat the entire bag. Yay for portionable things! And yay for the cutest chip clip ever.

What have you been eating lately? Are you watching the Bachelor? (I am the least big fan of Chris Soules, but I love (almost) all the girls this season.)

Morning musings

March 3, 2015

With J gone for a few weeks (although, I got him to change his flight and come home earlier!!!), my schedule has been a little shaken up. Normally, we wake up around 8, maybe 9, and stumble on a bus, or a bike all the way into work.

Lately, I’ve been waking up at 5-6 a.m., and it’s amazing. I’m in love with the early morning, and I’ve been walking to work. (partially because my bike is in the shop, partially because I prefer walking.)

It’s fun to shake up your schedule, and I love that walking makes me feel more energized throughout the day. This morning I snapped a bunch of pictures along my way, so you could see my morning walk.

A lonely Google bike left on the side of the road.

It’s a little chilly in the mornings, early to mid 40s. But it’s nothing a sweater can’t handle. (Sorry cold parts of the world.)

When I leave before 7 a.m., all the little kids are biking to school, and it’s adorable to see parades of kids on little, neon-colored bikes. However, I have morals, I think it’s weird to snap pictures of unassuming kids and post them on the internet.

So you get flowers instead.

This and a coffee is really the perfect way to wake up in the morning.

How do you wake up? Do you pass anything great on your way to work?