What’s your motivation?

October 23, 2014

At 5:30 pm, after a 9 hour day of standing (I have a lovely standing desk), looking at a computer screen, and typing, the last thing I want to do is go run, or exercise in general.

And then my brain starts telling me. “Oh, you don’t need to run. You have… work. You’re… tired. You could… spend this time better.” And it takes a lot of work, some will power and a few tricks to get myself here:

(Seriously this is one of the few times I cared enough in the morning to put on matching socks. Usually I have like, one lime sock and one purple one.)

I’ve been working on a few tricks to get myself to keep ignoring the lazy person inside of me:

1. Buy myself things for doing exercise

Childish perhaps. And consumeristic, but very effective. Usually, I set some sort of goal, like: “Exercise 5 days this week”. This week (given I work out tomorrow) I’m buying

2. Keep everything I need to workout at my desk

Everyone in my building has a little file cabinet. And while most people keep extra work supplies in them (one of my coworkers keeps his full of listerine), I keep a bunch of shirts, a spare pair of tennis shoes, socks and hairbands in them. So I can always get from work appropriate to workout appropriate.

(Things I wouldn’t mind putting in my file cabinet. If I had more money, and I trekked up the the Nike store more often.)

3. Brag

No one likes the self righteous exerciser. But I have a few key friends who put up with my boasting because they know if I keep up on staying fit, I’m a more sane person. And I’m always open to them when they want to hit me up about their latest sweat sesh.

Even with all of this, sometimes fitness still falls by the wayside. What’s your trick to keeping motivated?